The Trouble With Tribbles – Robot Version

Gupi - robot guinea pig

As you might guess, I've been a dyed-in-the-wool Star Trek fan from the first television broadcast. One of my favorite episodes centered around the Enterprise being stuffed to the gills with little, lovable, furry creatures called "Tribbles". Every one that picked a tribble up and started to pet it thought that they were absolutely adorable - until they figured out the trouble with tribbles. Now, Gupi in the U.K. has started to market a robotic pet that looks just like, and seems just as adorable as a tribble.

 Gupi is actually the world's first commercial robotic guinea pig. According to the marketing claims on their website he (or she?) is mega-intelligent and alarmingly realistic. He also exhibits some level of AI and learning behavior-

"If you don't play with him he becomes lonely and scared and he'll sneak off to a dark place. But stroke him and he'll become ultra-responsive and come running when you call."

"Gupi is so smart he can even find his way out of a maze, walk around a tabletop without falling off the edge and follow a beam of light, so you can lead him wherever you want him to go."

And he eats electronic carrots!

[Thanks to StillCarl at Robosaps]


One thought on “The Trouble With Tribbles – Robot Version

  1. Note you can view a couple of videos of it at the firebox site…

    link to

    As you’ll see, they’re a bit faster than WowWee’s bots! Wheels I suspect make all the difference…

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