Robot Sumo at Makuhari Messe

Image00118Concurrent with the CEATEC show at the Makuhari Messe Convention center, just to the East of Tokyo, the Kanto Regional Finals of the FSI-ALL Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament will be held on Saturday, October 8th. The competition is sponsored by the National Association of Principals of Technical Senior High Schools and FujiSoft ABC Inc. and is scheduled to take place in the Event Hall – no time is shown on the CEATEC website.

CEATEC JAPAN 2005 - Events for October 8th, 2005


One thought on “Robot Sumo at Makuhari Messe

  1. my natural language is not english, I live in peru we here speak spanish.I want to know what are the rules, to participate in this contest ,I mean: what rules must my sumo robot follow?, about weight, dimensions,about if is posible to have weapons, if someone could give me information about this, i will thank you a lot, actually I am thanking you now.My university don´t have too much expirience in all these points of mecatronic and robotic , please help me to improve a little bit.if yo have some ectra information you want to share with me …just send it to my e-mail:

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