Robot Carnival 2005 – Osaka, Japan

Robot Carnival - Osaka, Japan
The Robot Carnival 2005 exhibition runs from October 7th through December 18th at Expoland in Osaka, Japan. In addition to being a great opportunity to observe the "Who's Who" in Japanese robotics - like Aibo, Nuvo, Manoi, and many of the robots from the Aichi Expo - up close and in action, there are also a number of special robotics events on the agenda.

According to the exhibition website, the special events include a Robo-Pro Technical Performance Show;  a series of Robo-Pro competitions every Sunday leading up to the final competition on December 18th; robot construction classes every Saturday; a robot musical trio playing the Japanese samisen, guitar, and drum; HRP2 robot demonstration (October 22-23rd); and several other advanced robotics demonstrations.

Robot Carnival 2005


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