Robosapien vs. Robo-One: Battle Video

robosapien vs robo-one
Ever wonder how a match between Robosapien and one of the Japanese Robo-One battle robots would turn out? A lot of people have, and Pete Covert of Team Cosmos managed to capture the action on video and was kind enough to share it with us.

Pete and his partner Ted Zeiger are Team Cosmos (link below) and have stacked up an extremely impressive string of champion wins at major battle bot competitions including ROBOGames 2005, Motorama 2005, 2004 Nationals, Pound of Pain, and ROBOlympics. Their record, and their robots are so impressive that we will be doing a separate article on just Team Cosmos in a few days.

While Team Cosmos was competing at ROBOlympics, Pete captured a great face off between the original Robosapien and one of the top Robo-One bipedal battle robots – Hajime. Pete was kind enough to give us permission to share the video with all our readers.

I won’t spoil your enjoyment by telling you how the match turned out other than to say it is definitely interesting, exciting, and in some ways surprising. Here are a few screen-shots to wet your appetite:


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3 thoughts on “Robosapien vs. Robo-One: Battle Video


  2. They’re pretty complex, and usually come as a kit that you have to put together, program and train – so it’s much harder than just controlling a Robosapien type robot.

    There are a few distributors outside of Japan and Korea. Sozbots has been handling the Kondo KHR-1, and you can also find a lot of detailed information on the Robosavvy website. Later this month the new Robonova robot is scheduled to start shipping from Hitec.

  3. Cool! I’m the guy in the hat controlling the RoboSapien. Mark had pre-shipped one of the production prototypes out to us a week before the 2004 RoboGames, so you’ll have to pardon the lack of control (still learning the interface).

    I think I coulda given him a better run for the money, but I had already blown the left leg motor driver and one of the right arms drivers by having it demo’d at the “RobotStore” booth all weekend. Like I said, it was a production prototype, and the motor driver wasn’t up to snuff at that time. If you watch the walking race at the end, the “dead leg” is apparent.

    So yeah, that’s my excuse. Glad to see that somebody got it on video!

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