Robosapien V2 Rules! Even in French

Robosapien V2 in action

The French "Robosapien Le Blog" website has a great video clip showing the Robosapien V2 in action. The clip is fairly short, but puts the robot through its motions.

The V2 model has a much more natural voice (I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing), moves much more smoothly, appears more flexible, and looks like it might even be capable of making complex arm and hand movements, like twisting the cap off a glass jar.

At one point during the video, V2 leans over backwards and lays out flat on his back. The first time he attempts to get back up, he almost makes it, but slips back down. On his second attempt he manages to stand upright, with a little assistance from a friendly carbon unit.

Although the website is almost totally in French, the video should be easy to find, download, and view. The only problem is that the camera person held the camera at a 90 degree angle - a common problem when still photographers try to use a video camera. You'll ahve to tilt your head to the side to really understand what's going on, but it is well worth the effort.

Robosapien: Le Robosapien V2 en direct !


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