Robosapien V2 – A First Look

robosapiens v2
Jamie Samans, the author of the definitive book for the original Robosapien, already received his V2, and has posted two pages of great photos and commentary on his  website.

Samans received one of the ‘chrome’ V2s – the special signature edition marketed by Sharper Image. In addition to great photos of the robot, and the robot's guts, his webpage includes several photos of the box, with Mark Tilden’s signature – though the text on the box says that the signature is ‘screened onto each Signature Series Robosapien.’ I guess it would be too much to expect that Tilden had actually autographed each and every one by hand.

From his comments, Samans was very impressed with the V2, especially the hands. Apparently the V2 comes complete with a green bowling ball and several red pins, and can bowl about as well as Bob Sapp. Samans managed to control his curiosity for 15 minutes before he pulled out his screwdriver and other operating instruments and proceeded to rip the robot open.

The quality, number, and size of the photos is really impressive – especially those that show the V2 without its protective skin. The V2 guts are a sight to see - a jam-packed hacker's heaven. It's clear that the V2 will offer a lot of opportunities to productively hack away, and, at the same time, the hacker's challenge will be at least an order of magnitude more complex than the V2.

Robosapien V2 - A First Look

Samans comments about the V2


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