Robosapien and Aibo in Action (Videos)

robosapien and aibo video
My Robopet should be arriving ‘any day now’, which probably means in a month to six weeks, so I’ve started to look through online reviews, user comments, and videos. In the process, I went back to review the AiboHack website, and to take another look at some of their great robot videos.

 They don’t have any Robopet videos online, at least not yet, but they have taken the time to post quite a few excellent videos of several different Aibo models, and one of the original Robosapien robots.

You can see how the Aibo(s) act, react, and how they are trained – in one video they are trained by their Robosapien master. I doubt that I will ever go out and buy an Aibo, though if anyone wanted to donate one to me free-gratis I certainly wouldn’t refuse. Still, by watching the online videos I have developed a fairly good understanding of what the Aibo is capable of, and a baseline for what I can reasonably expect from my Robopet.

The AiboHack video page includes video clips of Aibo(s) walking, rolling back up from a prone position (something the original Robosapien could never begin to think about), dancing, and singing. There’s even a really funny section with videos of “Stupid Aibo Tricks.” Pretty cool, and very well done.

[AiboHack] Aibo & Robosapien Videos


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