Roboraptor Sensor Hack – Sneak Preview from Sprocket2cog

Roboraptor tail sensor hack
Sprocket2cog, one of the most creative and adventure-some RoboHackists I know, is working on a new Roboraptor hack to modify the tail sensors and add a tilt sensor. He teased everyones curiosity by posting the image below that discloses some of the Roboraptor tail internals and gives some clues about his upcoming hack.

He seems to be learning a lot about how the Roboraptor works internally, not just from a mechanical design aspect, but also from it’s operational behaviors. This will be extremely useful later on as he, and other RoboHackists start to fit all the pieces of the Roboraptor puzzle together in totally new and exciting ways.

Here’s the preliminary ‘teaser’ image he posted yesterday-

Roboraptor tail sensor hack

He always documents his hacks on his website in a step by step fashion that makes it really easy to follow what he’s done – even if you don’t feel brave enough yourself to follow in his footsteps with your own Roboraptor. And the way that he’s implemented mouse-over pop-up images into his posts is very unique, and something I would certainly like to learn more about as a webmaster.

You can read the comment Sprocket2cog posted in its entirety at the “Roboraptor On The Operating Table - Hacks and Mods”.


One thought on “Roboraptor Sensor Hack – Sneak Preview from Sprocket2cog

  1. Well no more teasing guys….the tilt mod is done, complete with details on why you shouldnt mount the switch above the board as it squeezes the cables too tight and can get cut in the neck area.
    But for the next tease, Im adding an immobilizer key to the RR so it cant start with out it :)
    Ill post a link to the site that developed the javascript for the overlib script I use for the images.
    Its cool, free and easy to use with a wide support base (plug ins etc)
    goto the link portal at in a day or so.
    I might even put it on the main page as a hot link for a few days.
    Thanks for the post knitsu, ,i see you as one of “my” mentors, i mean pc to RS that is so cool.

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