Roboraptor Rules The Roost (Video)

Roboraptor roams
It was raining today, so since we were going to be inside - why not use the opportunity to find out more about our new Roboraptor? We took him upstairs, turned him on, put him in to roaming mode, and recorded the action...

The results were surprising – better than we expected. The robot found it's way down the hallway, avoiding obstacles like walls, our dog standing in one of the doorways, and the cameraman (me). Then when it found a door to its right open, it turned and entered the room. There’s a very small step/frame right at the door entrance – large enough to have stopped our Robosapien. It slowed the Roboraptor down a bit, but it quickly overcame the step and begain exploring the room.

In about five to six minutes, he covered the whole room, even checking the bottom shelves in the bookcases. There was only one time when we put our hands on the remote control to back him out of a dead end corner that he had a little trouble with. Other than that one course correction, he did everything totally on his own.

One very interesting thing happened. In a corner of the room we have a metal coat rack that has a bottom shelf that happens to be right at chin height for the Roboraptor. He really behaved as if he was attacking it, and even tries to bite the rack. Towards the end of the video clip, you can see how he rubbed his chin on the rack – actually the rack was contacting the sensor built into his chin and triggering his internal behavoirs.


5 thoughts on “Roboraptor Rules The Roost (Video)

  1. Nice video. Unfortunately, our house is too cluttered for the Roboraptor to roam about long before it gets trapped somewhere. Chairs and tables are going to be the bane of robots in the house for quite a while to come, I think!

    What I find interesting was how a niece (of about ten) will pick it up and fuss over it like it’s a doll or a pet. It’s reactions are very life-like when handled like that.

  2. Hi there.
    This is one of the many blessings of having children at various ages. I don’t need to make up excuses to by cool toys like this. My 8 y.o. son got one of these today. It was interesting to watch your video, and to see that your Roboraptor have one of the same problems that mine (no, I mean my sons…), it has problems with traction on your hard wood floor. Likewise, our marble tile floor is causing problems. I’m considering making some “rubber sockings” for it. If you’re interested, I’ll try to remember to update you on the results.

  3. Roald,
    Unfortunately (and fortunately) I don’t have any children living at home as an excuse for buying toys like this. Luckly, my wife is very understanding as long as I don’t let the Roboraptor roar after 10:00 pm or before 7:00 am….

    You’re absolutely right. The traction issue must have been a real design challenge for Tilden. People expect it to do just as well on thick pile carpet, throw rugs, hardwood floors, and tile.

    Rubber Raptor booties – that would be interesting to see. It would also help keep the noise down and make his stalking more realistic than it already is. Please keep us updated, and take some photos/videos if possible.

  4. hi i’m planning on getting a robo-raptor and i have the hardwood floor so i think instead of the boots you could put a bit of that liquid plastic on the toes when it dries it could grip the ground and be alot quiter.

  5. I have a roboraptor, too, exept mine is reeeeaaaaally stupid. He runs into walls, and it sounds like he hates my brother!
    Interesting, I’d like to see a raptor wearing rubber shoes!

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