Roboraptor Proves Cats Are Smarter Than Dogs (Videos)

Carl received his Roboraptor in late June, and documented his first impressions in great detail even down to photos of the mounting screw heads. He also posted three videos, the last one clearly showing that his cat is much, much smarter than our dogs!

Carl’s ‘Roboraptor – first impressions’ post starts with the box the way that he received it, then shows the de-boxing (with comments about how hard that part is), struggling with the mounting screws, figuring out the documentation, the difference that a good set of batteries makes, plus three short video clips.

In the last video, Carl tries to impress/scare his cat with the new toy. The cat’s reaction is absolutely hilarious, especially when it looks up at the camera in disgust then turns its back and slowly walks away.

robosaps: Roboraptor - first impressions...


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