Roboraptor On The Operating Table – Hacks and Mods


Shawn, aka Sprocket2cog, has come up with some really nice Roboraptor hacks, and he’s been kind enough to document them with detailed photos and step by step instructions. Obviously, doing something like this requires some level of skill with a screw driver, other tools, and a willingness to violate your warranty.

His first Roboraptor hack tutorial covers modifications to the remote control. He shows you how to open Roboraptor’s control unit to add a new color LED, and implement a Stealth mode by adding a switch that hides the green led while operating the remote. That means – get this! – that with this hack you can have the Roboraptor perform tricks while letting people think that it’s all part of his internal AI brain. Pretty cool.

His second hack tutorial is not for the faint of heart. He leads you through some really need modifications to the Roboraptor’s head that result in a wider bite (all the better to eat you with my dear. . .), better hearing (all the better to hear you with my dear. . .), and a louder roar (all the better to scare the pants off you my dear. . .).

SPROCKET2COG's Roboraptor Hacks


4 thoughts on “Roboraptor On The Operating Table – Hacks and Mods

  1. Ive just finished adding some new sensors to the raptor that has totaly augmented its behavior by stimulating the exsisting tail sensor with a new input-
    Tilt sensor, external and internal test ports.write up really soon as well as more in depth info on the disection.

  2. Wow!

    I’m impressed! The work you’re doing is really great – much better and more advanced that most of the hacks that came out for the original Robosapien. I can hardly wait to see your writeup.

    Please let us know as soon as you are ready to put your new hacks up on your website. We’ll definitely write an article about it, and do a feature article if you’re interested.

  3. Thanks, Ill post here as well as the forums in a few days with the new sensor updates including the trouble i had with the tilt sensor. Basicly its moved enough to interupt the turning function.

    I noted early on while playing that the tail sensor is capable of interupting the mouth sensors, so thats one reason I hacked that first.
    But the two actions dont run side by side, they interupt each other.

    link to
    Sneak preveiw for raptor fans

  4. Has anyone tried putting moving wings on roboraptor and adding either red LEDs or a small flame thrower in its mouth? It’s dang near a dragon already. Anyone up to the challange?

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