Roboraptor Nose Sensors (Video)

roboraptor nose sensors
There was some discussion on one of the forums about the optical sensors in Roboraptor’s nose. Of course we couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to drag our favorite robot off to the lab to take a closer look.

We setup the video cam, then put Roboraptor into action. Sure enough, when the sensors in his nose operate the camera captures the flashing – even if your eyes can’t. The video clip (at the bottom of the post) is relatively short, so here are some un-retouched frame grabs so that you can see exactly what our lab camera picked up:

roboraptor nose sensors

roboraptor nose sensors

We haven’t exhaustively tested each one of Roboraptors moods to  see if the sensor behaves any differently, but from our brief tests so far it appears that like his ears, the nose sensors may only be operational when the robot isn’t moving.


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