Robopet Mod: LED Mode Indicator by Ken Finch

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This is the first in a series of two really useful and exciting Robopet modifications contributed by Ken Finch, an avid robot fan and experimenter from Canada.

If you find this modification article by Ken interesting, then be sure to check out the article he wrote describing how he added a second IR detector to the Robopet so he could control it from almost any direction.

Note: Modifications to your product will normally void the product's warranty. The article below is presented purely for informational and educational purposes. If you have any questions or need further information about the modifications covered in the article, please contact the author directly at

About Ken

My name is Ken Finch in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am a father of 2 children with a loving wife. I am a IBM PC/Notebook Technician with 13 years experience in the industry as a Technician. I am 37 years old. I have always been interested in electronics, Robotics as well. I own a Robosapien V1, Roboraptor and a Robopet. I also have an i-Cybie robotic dog and all 4 Biobugs from Wowee Toys.

Mod #1: Robopet Mode LED Mod

Ken's Robopet Mod - LED that shows the Robopet's mode installed in the back of its neck.

This mod adds a LED in the middle of the ring on the back of Robopet's neck. The purpose of the Mode LED is it shows when Robopet is Off/On/ or asleep. When Robopet is off of course the Mode LED is off. When Robopet is on the Mode LED is on solid green, when Robopet is asleep the Mode LED flashes green. Onto the mod instructions:

1./ Disassemble Robopet by removing the 4 screws on the bottom half of his torso assembly and remove the lower torso top shell assembly after removing the screws.

2./ Remove the 4 screws from his bottom of the upper torso assembly then separate the top and bottom halves of the upper torso assembly. Be careful the head assembly wires are attached to the mainboard via socketed connection.

3./ Unplug the head assembly wiring harness from the mainboard. This can be tricky, I use a small standard screwdriver to gently pry the connector from it's socket.

4./ Set Robopet's lower body aside as this mod is on his upper shell with the head attached to it. Now measure the diameter of the LED you will be using as the Mode LED. Note: use any color LED except for red. Red interferes with the IR Detectors, I learned this with the 1st version of this mod. Also do not use an Ultrabright LED, it draws too much current and drains the batteries too quickly.

5./ Using a drill, drill a hole right in the center of the ring for your LED. This is easy because the rings center is already countersunk for drilling. Now mount your LED in the hole and glue it in place. Mount the LED with the leads on the inside of the shell assembly.

6./ After the glue has dried we move onto the electrical wiring of the head wiring harness to the Mode LED. You will need to cut the orange and black wires on the head wiring harness. Make sure when you cut those wires you leave enough slack for attaching the head assembly back onto the mainboard when reassembling Robopet when the mod is finished.

7./ Now strip the ends of all the wires and tin them with solder. Now solder the two orange wire ends to the Anode of the Mode LED and then solder the two black wires to the Common of the Mode LED.

8./ Reattach the head assembly to the mainboard and turn on Robopet to verify the Mode LED lights up. If it does reassemble Robopet by reversing steps 1,2 and 3.

You are done.








3 thoughts on “Robopet Mod: LED Mode Indicator by Ken Finch

  1. nice mod ken, keep these hacks going online.I would like to see some plans for the circuit if possible. Ultra vilot is good for the LED as it dosent interfer with the IR, thats why I used it in my controller hack. but nice idea.

  2. Hey there everybody! I guess I must be the first person to try this mod (which is pretty cool – thanks Ken) because noone else has commented yet….

    ….unfortunately this mod has a terrible side effect – it makes Robopet blind!!!! Yessum, it appears the LED draws enough current (average LED – 3.5v @ 10mA) to cause the Infrared sensors to malfunction. After I did this mod Robopet worked fine, except the edge detection did not work (at all) and he refused to move forward (kept yelping and retreating backwards) because he was sure there was an obstacle in front of him (which there wasn’t).

    But do not fret y’all, the solution is simple. Simply solder a 360 ohm resister (I used a 360, but anything between 300 and 500 should be fine)in line between the orange wire and the Anode of the LED. Hey presto! The Led still works, and Robopet now has 20:20 vision again…..well, what passes as 20:20 for a Robopet anywayz.

    Hope this helps, now Im off to mod my new Robosapien V2….. :)

  3. this is a pretty neat mod, for all the mods there are for robopet…. this is one of the only 2 i could find so i did it im very pleased with it, ive done 1 thing different, ive put the light in the dogs visor instead of neck
    its easier to access there for me, and i like it there

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