Robopet Mod: Adding a 2nd IR Detector by Ken Finch

robopet modification hack
This is the second exciting Robopet modification contributed by Ken Finch, an avid robot fan and experimenter from Canada. This time Ken explains how he added a second IR detector to his Robopet so that it could be controlled from almost any direction.

Last time Ken showed how he was able to add a mode LED to the Robopet. Now he’s back to share his creative solution to a common Robopet limitation – how to control it even when you are behind or on the side of it. 

Note: Modifications to your product will normally void the product's warranty. The article below is presented purely for informational and educational purposes. If you have any questions or need further information about the modifications covered in the article, please contact the author directly at

About Ken

My name is Ken Finch in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am a father of 2 children with a loving wife. I am a IBM PC/Notebook Technician with 13 years experience in the industry as a Technician. I am 37 years old. I have always been interested in electronics, Robotics as well. I own a Robosapien V1, Roboraptor and a Robopet. I also have an i-Cybie robotic dog and all 4 Biobugs from Wowee Toys.

Mod #2: Robopet 2nd IR Detector Mod

This mod adds a second IR Detector inside the head assembly facing up through the top of the head. This will allow Robopet to be controlled from almost all directions instead of from just in front of him. The stock design has just one IR Detector facing the front of his face. This eliminates controlling him from the rear or his sides. Onto the mod instructions:

1./ Disassemble the Robopet following steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the Mode LED modification instructions.

2./ Now remove the screw in his neck that holds the neck collar together and separate and remove the neck collar.

3./ Pull his head assembly out of the Upper Torso Top Shell and gently pull the wires out as well. Set the Upper Torso Top Shell aside.

4./ Remove the two screws on the bottom of the Head Assembly and separate the two halves of the head assembly.

5./ Cut the orange, yellow and black wires of the wiring harness for the head assembly inside the lower half of the head about 3/4 of the way back from the front of the head. Strip and tin all the wire ends.

6./ Solder the two black wire ends to the center pin of the second IR Detector. Then solder the yellow wire ends to the left pin of the second IR Detector. Then solder the two orange wire ends to the right pin on the
second IR Detector. Note: I used a IR Detector from a old dead Daytek DVD Player. But a  3 Pin IR Detector from any source should work as long as the pins are left pin signal, center pin ground, right pin power.

7./ Now feed the head wiring harness through the upper torso top assembly then through the lower neck shaft assembly. Then insert the lower neck shaft assembly into the lower head assembly till the holes in the side of the upper neck shaft assembly and the lower neck shaft assembly aligns together so you an see through it. Pull the slack of the head wiring harness out.

8./ Temporarily insert the half of the neck collar that has the screw shaft in the hole in the side of the joined neck shaft assemblies to keep them from separating in the next few steps.

9./ Press the secondary IR Detector facing up into the lower neck shaft assembly's top so that it is friction fitted in. Do not glue it unless you never want to be able to remove the head assembly from the lower neck shaft assembly again.

10./ Reassemble the top head shell to the lower head shell and screw in the one screw under the chin of the head assembly. Remove the neck collar half and gently rotate the head assembly around and screw in the remaining screw in the head assembly.

11./ Put the neck collar halves together on the neck and screw in the screw in the hole of the neck collar assembly.

12./ Reassemble the Robopet by reversing steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Mode LED Instructions.

You are done - now you should be able to control Robopet by his Remote Control from almost all directions. I suggest doing Mod #1 and Mod #2 both at the same time for less ware and tear on Robopet.

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