ROBO-ONE on PC – Survival on the Moon, Mission 3

robo-one bipedal robot
In addition to its extremely popular robot competitions, the Robo-One organization in Japan also puts on regular technical conferences and sponsors design competitions titled "Robo-One on PC". The theme for the latest design competition is "Survival on the Moon", challenging the robot designers to create a Robo-One design that will survive and thrive in the Moons harsh environment.

 robo-one on the moonrobo-one robots on the moonrobo-one robot on the moonrobo-one robot on the moonrobo-one robot on the moon

A summary of the competition entries is posted on the Robo-One website (see link below), and includes an image of their robot design (or one of their previous designs), some information about their goals and expectations for the competition and robotics in general, and a brief bio. Many of the entries have included a link to their websites that are worth exploring.

Also, some of the entries have gone to the trouble of translating the information into English. And, in the case of Hajime Sakamoto, the President of Hajime Research Institute, surprisingly blunt and refreshing English. The reason behind his passion for robotics? "I would like to learn how to build 'GUNDAM'." And, what does Hajime Research Institute do? "We are developing robots." You can't ask for answers any straighter than that.

ROBO-ONE on PC Entries [Japanese + some English]


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