Robo-One Guide Published by Ohmsha

robo-one guide
Ohmsha, the scientific and engineering book publisher, has a new 'mook' out that covers Robo-One in a great deal of detail. 'Mook', if you're not already familiar with the term, is uniquely Japanese publishing format that combines the best aspects of a magazine with a book. Billed as the 'Robo-One Official Guide', and authored by the Robo-One committee, it speaks with some authority on the subject.

According to the Ohmsha website, the guide is intended as an initial introduction to the sport of combative Robo-One robots. Chapter 1 includes highlights of the 7th Robo-One Battle competition, and has interviews with the top competitors. They don't show any sample pages, but it's a sure bet that the mook has lots of glossy detailed photos.

Later chapters cover robot development, a Robo-One games watching guide, discussion about the past, present and future of Robo-One with some of the key organizers including Kondo Science (KHR-1 robotics platform) and Bandai, and a beginner's robot manufacturing guide section.

Ohmsha Robo-One Book webpage [Japanese]


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