Robo-One Demonstrations (Video)

robo-one robot competition tokyo japan
Robo-One is a bipedal robot competition, but they never forget that it's also entertainment. There is always a healthy supply of excitement, drama, the 'thrill of victory', and the 'agony of defeat.' And the fans just seem to eat it up. To set the tone, and get adrenaline flowing, the opening ceremonies feature robots climbing stairs, doing warm up exercises, turning cartwheels, and doing a pretty good imitation of the ancient Roman gladiators.

While the routines are well rehearsed in advance, everything is taking place live, so there are usually a few glitches. A robot will miss a step, or start to slide off the platform, but all things considered, they have amazing flexibility, speed, and control.

The physical stretching and warm up exercises they perform are based on the same type of daily exercises performed by Japanese factory workers. Of course, the factory workers don't try the cartwheels.

robo-one contest

Robo-One Competition - Opening Demonstrations
[click on image - video opens in a new window]

The video clips were recorded at the Spring 2005 Robo-One event held in Tokyo.


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