Roboraptor Plays! (Video)


We wanted to see if Roboraptor really could play with other animals, and fool them into thinking that it was actually alive. The test was easy enough to stage – the Roboraptor, one of our dogs, the dogs favorite toy, and a video camera. It didn’t take long before we were convinced that the Roboraptor is everything that Tilden and WowWee claim it to be. Take a look at the video below and see what you think.

The experiment took place in our living room on Sunday afternoon about 2:30 pm with bright sunlight from the windows. The Roboraptor was put into “roam” mode and we kept our hands totally off the remote control. Our only intervention during the test was to put the dogs toy in Roboraptor’s mouth. 

It was easy to see that Roboraptor was responding to our dog, especially the barking, and our dog definitely responded to Roboraptor as if it was alive. There were also times during the test that Roboraptor avoided the living room walls and responded to our dog being close without barking. It did have problems with the window glass though – it was kind of like an invisible wall to the Roboraptor.

Frankly, we were very impressed. Great toy – even if our dog may not think so. . .


2 thoughts on “Roboraptor Plays! (Video)

  1. Fascinating!

    My cat isn’t much interested in the Roboraptor, but I guess dogs are different.

    I’ve just bought a Robopet though, and he did decide to stalk it one night when I left it to its own devices in the kitchen.

    I think he knows they’re not living creatures though, as I’ve seen his response to something he thought was.

    A nephew had dressed up as a Minotaur for a school show, and had placed its head on the lounge floor. Now, all the head consisted of was an inverted bucket with holes for eyes, horns on top and hair stuck on its side. When the cat saw it it hissed as it would do if really threatened.

    I suspect if a Roboraptor was covered in fur it’d get quite different reactions from cats.

  2. Wow!

    Now i may just be a kid but i’m saving up for one.
    I’ve been bugging my parents for chores to get the mone to buy one! Just a few dollars left!

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