Penguin (or Rabbit?) Robot

Penguin robot
The Robo-One robots can do some really impressive moves and gymnastics, but most of them still have that hard edged, metallic, "walking copy-machine" look. Thankfully, some of the Robo-One competitors are making a sincere effort to give their robots a warm, hug-able personality.

All of the Robo-One robots share the same basic design based on the KHR-1 platform utilizing an array of 17 servos. But that's like saying that all human beings are based on the same skeleton and muscle design. That observation, while true enough, really doesn't get at the things that make us all unique - our skills, our training, and how we present ourselves.

Robo-One robots, or any type of robot for that matter, aren't any different. What really distinguishes one robot from another is the programming, training, and personality that it's designer adds to the basic mechanical platform that makes all the difference.

A good example is the Aerobattler robot that has recently taken on the guise of a robot penguin. Its stage name is "Pento", which is probably a cute way to combine penguin with robot since the Japanese pronounce the 't' at the end of 'robot' as 'tou'. Oddly, in some of the photos, Pento appears to have grown rabbit ears, and in other photos they are missing.

Pento is so cute that he's been seen in the arms of some extremely attractive Japanese models recently! I'm jealous!

Aerobattler - Pento website [Japanese]


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