Not Just Boy's Toys

Robopet and iPod
We tend to automatically think of robots like the Robosapien and Robopet as “boy’s toys”, but that gender stereotyping doesn’t match reality. A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald does an excellent job of humorously poking holes in the idea that robots and technology in general are primarily a male domain.

The article by Nicole Manktelow, is right on target, and extremely well written with a disarming sense of humor that triggers lots of “aha” moments. It’s chock full of apt references and funny quotes that painlessly deliver the author’s message. Just a few examples include-

“She lusts after gorgeous, glamorous and utterly desirable gadgets.”

"You don't have to feed him, walk him or clean up after him. He's a little bit cold to hug at night, but he barks and sits up and does tricks," Ms Fitzgerald says. "All my friends have gadget envy."

“Who wants to spend $3000 for something that's not going to lick you?"  [comparing Aibo with Robopet]

SMH article: Gidget's gadgets - Livewire - Technology -

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