New Robot Desktop Wallpapers

We've had a number of requests to make some of our robot illustrations available as desktop wallpaper for your computers. So, we decided to oblige our faithful readers and put some images up on this site for free download.

Our initial thought is to provide 1280 x 1024, 1024 x 768, and 800 x 600 size images. This is going to be on a 'best effort' basis, since we have limited time to spend on it. We'll try to upload them as soon as possible, but please understand if it takes a little while.


   Download Battle Raptors Wallpaper 1024 x 768

   The 3 Laws of Robotics V2.0
3 Laws Of Robotics V2

   Download 3 Laws Wallpaper 1280 x 1024

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  1. abhishek

    so cool


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