New Robosapien V2 Video from Robonexus 2005

William Cox, the publisher of, captured an interesting video of the Robosapien V2 at the Robonexus convention last week. The video clip, included below, shows the V2 in action on an exhibitors table during the convention right in the midst of all the noise, distractions, and chaos that always occurs at any trade show.

Any advertising or commerical production company worth their salt can stage a video under controlled conditions and insure everything comes off perfectly. Live performances, captured real time as they occur, are usually much more enlightening and frankly – more convincing.

Some of the noticeable things in this videoclip include how comfortable the exhibitor’s staff feel with operating the Robosapien V2 in this obviously high stress environment; the use of the ‘handle’ or ‘backpack’ extrusion on V2’s back; the twisting motion that V2 makes as he stands back up, and the role that the back of his head plays in the process.


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  1. Well, folks…. where is RS Media??

  2. why does my v2 not walk in a straight line

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