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Ollie, at, was kind enough to send me a heads-up about a new magazine that is hot off the presses, and really looks - well, how can I put it? What's the word? Oh, yeah, I know - HOT!

 Living here in Japan has it's advantages, especially the access to what's going on in one of the hottest robotics markets in the world. The drawback is that English language books and magazine show up here weeks, or often months after they hit the store shelves in the US. So, without the help of friends like Ollie, I might have completely missed this great new magazine.

The magazine is called "Robot". At first the name seems to lack any creativity until you stop to realize that within a very short period of time they will own the number one slot on most search engines for the search phase "robot magazine." Absolutely brilliant.

Keep in mind that I haven't actually seen a physical copy of the magazine yet, I'm going strictly by their website. Frankly, if the actual magazine turns out to be anything close to the quality of their website, then it's really going to rock. The glossy photos alone will start your heart racing. They spent the time and money to make robots like the Robopet photograph just like a Grand Prix race car.

They have also lined up a really impressive supporting cast. For example, articles in the Winter, 2005 issue include David Calkins on the Robo-One bipedal robots, an update from Jim Oberg on the Martian robot, George Mitsuoka on how to use Wi-Fi to control a tank robot from your computer, and the Mythbusters testing the Vex Robotics Design System.

Just the photos in the online sample article with the Mythbusters had me drooling - no kidding.

Robot Magazine - the latest hobby, science and consumer robotics, artificial intelligence


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