'Le blog gadget' Interviews Mark Tilden

mark tilden and roboraptor
The popular French gadget and gizmo website, 'Le blog gadget' is publishing a series of exclusive interviews with Mark Tilden, the father of the Robosapien, Robopet, Roboraptor, V2, et. al. The articles are in French, of course, but in a few seconds, a few mouse clicks, and a healthly sprinkling of Google dust, they magically appear in almost English.

 To translate pages like the Tilden interviews, just go to the Google Laguage Tools page, enter the url in the "Translate a web page" box, select the appropriate languages, then click the Translate button. The results are pretty much what you would expect from machine translation, but are usually good enough to catch the basic meaning of what's being said

To save you the trouble, and a few mouse clicks, here are the links to Google translated versions of the first two articles in the set:

Le blog gadget Tilden Interview - page 1 

Le blog gadget Tilden Interview - page 2

There isn't much new or exciting in the interviews, at least in the first two, but it is always fun to listen to Tilden's promotional harangue. If he ever comes up with a Robomonkey it will probably be marketed as the "Harangue-atang".

[Thanks to StillCar at robosaps for discovering the original articles]


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