Koreans Planning Battle Robot


The Korean government has developed plans for a fully functional battle robot to be deployed by 2011. The plan calls for close R&D cooperation between the goverment and private IT companies as a key element the Korean national defense strategy.

The initial focus of the battle robot will be military transport and surveillance. The projected R&D budget is approxiamately 33,400 million won and will be coordinated by the ADD (national defense) and ETRI (electronic communications research institute).

According to the news report, the initial design can be implemented with either six legs or six wheels. The wheels are similar to those used on the US Mars research robot ‘Sojourner’ and the ‘Pathfinder’.

The plan also calls for a sophisticated communications network that will allow from ten to over a hundred robots in the field to share information in a group battle intelligence approach. 

Korean Battle Robot Plan (Japanese)


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