Kind of a Robosapien Mini-Me

Robosapien Jr.

I doubt that the new RoboSapien Junior will make it to the store shelves here in Japan since the Japanese market didn't seem overwhelmingly impressed by the original robot. Still, this short, squat, miget version of the Robosapien would be fun to play with, and to try hacking.

I can easily imagine a robotic version of midget tossing where a Robosapien V1 and V2 take turns trying to see who can throw Junior the furthest. Better yet, how about having Roborapter chase Junior around the room then grab his head in those powerful jaws.

Hasbro, marketing Junior under the Playskool brand, has probably softened some of Robosapien's crudeness - like changing the fart noises to something more acceptable to mothers and doting grandparents.

"Put out by Hasbro under their Playskool label, the RoboSapien Junior is targeted at the pre-schooler crowd. Li'l Junior dances to his own music, moves forward and backwards, has eyes that light up and giggles when runs into stuff. He's also built super-tough, cause you know, pre-schoolers can be vicious when it comes to their toy."

Playskool’s RoboSapien Junior -


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