KHR-1 Robot – MANOI – Video clip online

Note: Since this was originally posted last year, we were selected as one of the initial monitor (beta) testers for the MANOI AT01. You'll find our reports, videos, and detailed information here: MANOI Posts & Videos

ITmedia has a short video clip of MANOI, the KHR-1 based robot developed by Robot Garage (Takahashi-san).

The video is from the recent MANOI press conference, and you can see lots of flashing from all the photos being taken. Although the clip is pretty short, it does give a good feel for how smooth MANOI’s motions are, and has him posing balanced on one foot.


While the ITmedia site is in Japanese, the video clip is in mpg format so it should be possible to download it as long as they keep it up on the website.

MANOI video clip [via ITmedia]

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