Here's One That Will Blow Your Socks Off

robo-one battle robot majingaa
Okay, here's the challenge. Put a ball next to your robot's foot. Then have him bend over and pickup the ball, balance it on the edge of his samurai sword (yes, I said samurai sword), then jet propel it across the room. Oh, did I mention he has to balance on one foot ...?

It appears that the champion Robo-One robot - The Great Majingaa - has a few new tricks up his sleeve. The video clip that was posted on his diary website on October 12th gives just a small preview of what he is capable of, and what we might see debut at the next Robo-One robot battle competition here in Japan.

Just one word of caution - don't stand in front of him when he does this trick or you'll probably end up black and blue with some very bad ball bruises.

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