FSI-Robot Sumo Videos – All Japan Tournament (Kanto 2005)


Robot Sumo presents several interesting problems for a photographer. The lighting is usually poor, the crowds are large, flash is forbidden, and the action is extremely fast. As a result, short video clips, like those in the video below, are usually the best solution.

This is a brief sample of the exciting action and drama that took place on Saturday at the competition:


2 thoughts on “FSI-Robot Sumo Videos – All Japan Tournament (Kanto 2005)

  1. These guys kick some serious ass. I’m trying to find project pages for them, but to no avail. I suppose they might be in Japanese 😉 If anyone’s found any project pages, please post them!

  2. hi i would like to see the design of any robot in the competition do anyone got the design can sent me through my email , cause i will be doing a fyp and compeititon ..

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