European Websites Going Gung Ho over V2

robosapien v2
It seems like the European toy and gadget websites are going all out to promote the Robosapien V2. The JustToys website, for example, features three different videos, a neat 360 degree rotating view, audio clips, and lots of photos.

robosapien v2
Online distribution channels Stateside pale by comparision, and even the official website at is still just saying ‘Coming Soon’.

Far and away the most informational site we’ve found so far is at JustToys. The primary video link on their Robosapien V2 page pops up a short clip that really reminds us of a Hollywood SF movie. While it doesn’t feature any strikingly new insights, it does have great production values, so much so that we will definitely go back and see it again, perhaps several times.

The other two videos with links on the same page provide a much better understanding of what the V2 can do, including a short segment where he actually walks around a bit. Frankly, his walk looks almost identical to the V1 model, though the 360 degree rotational window on the site clearly shows that his feet are not flat on the ground.

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