Donga Article on Taekwon V (Robo-One)

robo-one korean robot Taekwon V
Donga just published an interesting article (in English) on Taekwon V and Jeon Yeong-su its 36 year old developer. The Korean robot battled it out head to head with the top Robo-One robots at the Eight Japan Robo-One competition this September and did extremely well - which explains the big smile.

There seems to be a common misconception overseas that Japanese competitions are closed to foreign competitors, but that is actually far from true. There are many robot competitions in Japan that welcome entries from overseas, like the All Japan Micromouse competition that has hosted foreign entries for over 25 years.

The September Robo-One competition included teams from Korea, Taiwan, the US, and Canada, and Taekwon V turned out to be a real shining star. He, and the other Korean robots that participated in the competition here are going to be featured in a three episode television special back home in Korea starting this week.

The Donga article covers Taekwon V's  battles, difficulties, and his final success in Japan. I'm sure he will inspire other potential competitors, both in Korea and other countries. Donga, by the way, publishes in the Korean, English, and Japanese languages. Their news pages also include a neat little audio feature - you can have the article read to you in a male or female voice. article on Taekwon V - Korean Robo-One robot [English]


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