ComBots Robot Competition Coming Up Soon

combots - robot fighting league
For the lucky folks that happen to live in the San Francisco area, or those with an unlimited travel budget, just a quick reminder that ComBots 2005 is coming up in the next few weeks. Over 100 robots will be trying to rip each other apart to win the top prize money - and bragging rights, of course.

The 'subtitle' on their website reads "Fighting Robots return to San Francisco", but after it's all over a lot of the robots will be carted away in boxes while their owners weep to the tune of "I Left My Parts In San Francisco."

The annual event, scheduled for November 12th and 13th (Sat/Sun) at Fort Mason, features the ComBots Cup and Robot Fighting League National Championships. It's sure to attract major network television news coverage. The official site has lots of great photos from the last competition (complete with sparks, flames, and parts hurtling through the air, along with video clips.

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