Celebrity Robot – the j-Lobosapien

J-Lo Robosapien Parody

I don't know how they find these things, but the French "Robosapien le blog" somehow manages to dig up some pretty interesting news, photos, hacks, and now they have uncovered this hilarous Jennifer Lopez parody.

The website doesn't say which magazine commissioned the parody, but the image does attribute the article to Rob Bernstein and the images to Leisuredesign.com. When I have time over the weekend I'll do some Google'n and see what I can discover. Apparently there were other neat gadgets featured in the same article, and I'm dying to see how they came out, and what celebrities were used. I would bet there has to be one featuring Paris Hilton.

Funny thing is, I would be tempted to buy an actual j-Lobosapien if only to see what the reaction of my Japanese neighbors would be.

Robosapien: Un robosapien façon Jennifer Lopez ?


One thought on “Celebrity Robot – the j-Lobosapien

  1. I saw this in popular science while at the barbershop. Can’t remember the issue though, I think the cover article was about jetracers if anyone wants to look it up.

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