Bipedal Robots – ASIMO (Video)

We put together a short video clip of ASIMO showing some elementary school children how to do a dance step. The kids, naturally enough, seem to have stage fright since there was a big audience. Of course ASIMO never suffers from stage fright.

The video clip (at the bottom of the post) is very short, but after it loads you should be able to see what’s going on with his movements by moving the slider. At the time we recorded his performance we were really struck by how smooth and balanced he was. You can get a feel for that by examining his foot and leg positions in these frame grabs from the video:




Even more surprising is the fact that this video was taken over 3 years ago – June, 2002 to be exact. Since then the technology, and ASIMO’s ability has improved tremendously. The reason for this demonstration was purely an attempt on the part of Honda to attract potential car customers. ASIMO did his song and dance routine at a very small local car show sponsored by Honda. Even ASIMO has to sing for his supper – or battery charge.


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