Bicycling Robot Featured At CEATEC JAPAN 2005

bicycling robot ceatec 2005
The Murata Bicycling Robot attracted big crowds at the CEATEC show. The robot earned it’s own place on their online blog, and will probably be doing a promotional roadshow.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for one to appear at your local ToysRUs though. Murata put it together as a design demonstration to feature many of the components and sensors that the are so famous for.

It wasn’t the first time for Murata to pull off something like this. Ten years ago they exhibited a similar device using the technology available at that time. Still, this time around, the robot’s performance was extremely impressive. They had it (him/her?) cycling amazingly fast, making its way across a thin beam, and avoiding a collision with another robot.

bicycling robotmurata bicycling robot

cycling robot

Murata Blog [Japanese]


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