BEAM Robotics Expert Reviews Sony's QRIO Robots

J Wolfgang Goerlich was lucky enough to get tickets for the Sony QRIO robot's Canadian debut at the Ontario Science Centre, and posted an excellent review on the Solarbotics website. Goerlich makes some surprising observations, at least surprising to me.

For example, he was surprised by how quiet the QRIO turned out to be compared to other robots. The QRIO's design complexity was also surprising with 38 different motors controlled by three microprocessors, and the robot is actually capable of some limited autonomous operation. He also explains some of the human touches that Sony built into the QRIO, and why he felt a little uneasy with it, but his children didn't.

Goerlich's review (Sony QRIO in 2005), includes photos he took during the event, links to two very interesting videos showing the robot in action, and a set of images from Sony that document the evolution of Sony robotics over the years.

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