Battle Robot Inspiration

terry tate robot
If you happen to need some inspiration for your next humanoid battle robot project, I can’t think of a better place to start than Terry Tate – Office Linebacker. A Terry Tate robot would absolutely tear up the ring, no question.

This is probably old news to those of you that live State-side, but it was totally new to me. I ran across a post mentioning the “Terry Tate – Office Linebacker” videos produced for Reebok. They are absolutely hilarious – if you have worked in the US office, and appreciate American football.

For anyone outside of the US, they will probably seem pretty bizarre – so please keep in mind that they are total parodies – though sometimes they are not that far from the truth. The perfect inspiration for a fantastic battle robot.






Episode #1
Episode #2
Episode #3
Episode #4
Episode #5


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