Battle Raptors!

battle raptors - roboraptor
Mark Tilden and his elves did a wonderful job designing the Roboraptor as a ‘toy’ robot, one that’s a lot of fun, yet safe enough to let your 8 year old play with in the living room.

But come on! This is a RAPTOR! It should be ripping, tearing, and going for the throat! And, recent reports from Roboraptor hackers indicate that will be possible sooner than you think.

Sprocket2Cog has been putting his accumulated Lego/Mindstorms know-how to good use, and has already managed to hack the Roboraptor remote control to add a stealth button and other goodies, stripped the Roboraptor bare and modified its tail sensors (including a really sweet tilt switch hack), has hacked and improved the robot’s head, and is working on modifying his raptor’s eyes. In the process, he’s uncovered a lot of cool design aspects of the Roboraptor – like the ability of its sensor inputs to interrupt the robot’s current behavior.

If you can do that, then it should be possible, perhaps not trival but certainly possible, to trick the Roboraptors peanut brain into doing things that Tilden never designed it to do – or perhaps really wanted to do but couldn’t because of safety or marketing constraints.

Some avid hacker out there is going to figure out how to add a small cpu board, like a Basic Stamp or MEGAbitty, hijack the robots sensors, perhaps add a few more sensors, and turn the Roboraptor into the rabid, take no prisoners, fighting machine it was named after. Then it will be time for-

Battle Raptors!

battle raptors - roboraptor

Let’s get ready to Rumble!

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4 thoughts on “Battle Raptors!

  1. Nice,thanks for that, glad you like the hacks, the new power stealth start hack is up, with a plan to modify the kill switch to allow your raptor to start without any noise or animation and just wait for a kill…
    this is one cool hack and really shows what lem is getting at with the sensors, the dual power circuts in the raptor allow you to stop and start the motors without stoping the proccesing on the board…very cool and useable.;)
    have fun

  2. hi im from phillipines and i would like to ask if you have at least ten battle robots for touring purposes where we can do a stadium type . I wonder if you are interested to tour your battle robots in manila and how much ? Im sure a lot of kids as well as adults will watch thank you hope to hear.

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