A Robot's Dreams – Photo Gallery Goes Live!

robot photo gallery
We’ve taken a lot of exciting robot photos at exhibitions, trade shows, and robot competitions recently. But they don’t do anyone any good gathering dust on our hard drive, so we decided to create the Robot’s Dreams photo gallery. 

To kick things off, we’ve posted three albums with over a hundred images taken at the Spring 2005 Robo-One contest held here in Tokyo. They include photos of the top Japanese and Korean robots in action along with some crowd shots so that you get a feel for how exciting this new robot battle sport really is.

Next up on the agenda – we’ll be posting photo albums featuring major Japanese robot sumo and micromouse competitions along with some of our favorite Roboraptor and Robosapien photos. Then, in November and December, there are several major Japanese robot events scheduled and of course we’ll be taking on-the-spot photos to add to the gallery as they happen.

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A Robot's Dreams - Photo Gallery


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