A Robot and His Dog (Video)

robosapien v2 and robopet video
The Robosapien V2 press articles have talked about the robot being able to command and control both the Robopet and Roboraptor, but what does he make them do? Fetch the newspaper? Attack the mailman?

We’ve been dying to find out. The folks over at Evolutionshops.com in France couldn’t wait and put together a short video clip of our favorite robot and his dog.

The clip is a little rough but still shows some of the interaction that’s possible between the two robots. At one point Robopet seems to lose interest, wanders off, and has to be put back in front of his robot master. There is clearly communication between the two robots and it’s great to see that Robopet obeys much better than our own carbon-based canine - Austin the Dog – did with Roboraptor.

Roboraptor enters the video right at the end, but the clip stops before we can see how Robosapien controls him.

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Download Robosapien+Robopet video (RBV2DoG.mp4)



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