Robosapien Video on Google – Done Right!


In stark contrast to the last Google video robot post, here's one where the poster did an excellent job of documenting what was going on.

They included with their Google video post,  a long, and very detailed description of the video, the robots involved, and the modifications (hacks) that were made to the Robosapien. And they included links to their website. This was even more than I had hoped for, and will definitely help to attrack people to visit their site.

The Robosapien hacks by themselves were fascinating. According to the video post supporting text, our favorite RoboGuy  has been hacked so that he can be controlled over a TCP/IP network connected using a Samsung 700 smart phone and Verizon - which means that you could move him around, see what's going on, talk and listen, even though you might be miles away, or even thousands of miles away on the other coast


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