RoboNexus Robotics Expo looks hot!

RoboNexus - The Premier Robot Event of the Year

The next "don't miss this one or you'll be sorry" robotics event is coming up next week when this year's RoboNexus opens its doors in San Jose. Just looking through the program schedule and exhibitor list will start you drooling. Here's just a few of the highlights that will catch your eye -

Roomba Hacking 101 - Phillip Torrone from MAKE Magazine will be talking about how to turn the popular robotic vacuum cleaner into a dynamic robotics platform. Why would you want to waste all the beautiful technology built into the Roomba to just pick up dust bunnies? Phillip will share his insights, hacks, projects, and experience with you. In addition to being a co-author on a number of books and creating regular articles for Engadget, he is also a contributing Editor for Popular Science.

Robots Are Where You Find Them - If you have any books on robotics, electronics, or engineering, there's a very good chance that Myke Predko wrote one or more of them. At this year's RoboNexus, Myke is on tap to explain how to convert a Radio Shack "ZipZaps" remote control car chassis into a real working robot. If you want to get a robot up and running as quickly and cheaply as possible so that you can get on with the fun, then this session is definitely made for you.

Consumer, Hobby and Competition Robots - David Calkins, the president of the Robotics Society of America, and also the founder of ROBOlympics is scheduled to talk about what he sees coming down the pike for robotics. David is one of those highly networked 'connectors' in robotics, and, as a result, everyone that is working on something significant in robotics usually ends up chatting with David, or debating with him. Of course he won't be in a position to disclose anything proprietary or confidential, but this session could prove to be one of the most interesting and informative of the whole event.

Be sure to make it to RoboNexus next week if you possibly can.


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