Growing up with robots

Wallball Wall
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For my grandparents cars, the telephone, electric lights, and even indoor toilets were new and exciting technology.

My parents grew up with all of them and couldn't imagine life without those conveniences. For their generation, broadcast radio, then television, and commercial aircraft were the really WOW technologies.

For my generation it has been jet air travel, personal computers, robotics, computer games and the internet.

Of course my children grew up with all of that, and their children won't know a world without instant communication and pervasive micro computers and robotics. Robotics have become such a part of our everyday lives that it isn't surprising to see R2D2 decorating elementary school walls.

So, what's next? What will be the latest and greatest WOW technology? Who knows?

Certainly not me, but I definitely plan on sticking around as long as possible to find out.


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