Green with Envy for a RoboRaptor



While I’m still waiting impatiently for my RoboRaptor to arrive, Voodoo Murphy managed to snag a beautiful green signature model! Talk about jealous!

Hopefully it won’t be long now before mine arrives. I finally gave up and ordered one via Amazon in the US. It was shipped to my brother’s place, he’ll pick it up at UPS today, then with any luck it will arrive here in Japan sometime next week.

In the meantime I’ve been surfing the internet building up a collection of hints and observations. If I have time later this week, I’ll try and post a short list.

Voodoo Murphy's Green RoboRaptor Photos


One thought on “Green with Envy for a RoboRaptor

  1. The Roboraptor is fanaminal. I like its tug a war action,and its biteing cuz it got my mom in her sleep,she was so scared, and I laughed so hard. Well all I want to say is your toys are very fun for my family and me.

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