Turtle Robots

Takara Toys just released a series of incredibly cute toy robots called Walkie Bits. According to the information in the press and on their website (I haven’t been able to find Walkie Bits in the store yet), the robots dance, remember sequences of moves you tap on their shells, and have interchangeable parts so you can mix and match colors.

050717 walkiebits

Walkie Bits - Takara Toys (Japanese)


3 thoughts on “Turtle Robots

  1. It’s not clear at this time if and when Takara will sell Walkie Bits outside of Japan. They have proven to be extremely popular here – all the stores are frequently sold out, and there are rumors that the next generation of Walkie Bits will be released soon.

    After a toy really catches on here, it usually takes about a year before it starts being marketed outside of Japan. Good examples are the Pino robot, and Mr. Soccer (robot soccer game) that were released internationally about a year after they were proven in Japan.

    Toy companies really react to customer trends, so if they get enough requests for a particular type of toy, then they often introduce something to fill the demand. Feel free to tell your local toy outlet about the post on this blog, and ask them when Walkie Bits will be available.

  2. I am going to Toyko tommorow. What stores can I find these in?

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