Joe McCarin of National City Corporation On Robosapien

McCartin is the Chief Information Officer for National City Corporation, and if you take his comments in Forbes at face value, he uses our favorite roboguy to chase people out of his office.

"I have several remote controlled robots at home, including combat robots, but at work, I stick with the office friendly Robosapien.

Why I love it:

They're very cool to watch, and if you use them properly, they're useful around the office and in meetings. The Robosapien can do karate and can be used to chase someone out of the office if necessary. Truthfully, I'm big believer in the future of robotic devices, and I see these complex "toy" machines as the precursor to really useful robotic applications. Even now, there are commercially successful robots that can mow the lawn or vacuum a carpet, but they aren't mainstream yet."

National City CIO's Robosapien -

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