Robosapien V2 – "more buttons … than Darth Vader's underpants."

Mark Tilden and Robosapien V2 were featured in a VOA article covering Toy Fair 2005 -

050421-tilden robo v2
"What I mean by 'truly interactive' is that, although he has a remote control with more buttons on it than Darth Vader's underpants, the fact is he's a robot designed to pay attention to his user," Mr. Tilden says. "I can grab him, move him by his hands, and every time he says 'okay,' he's memorizing the individual body positions. And you'll notice that the robot is able to parrot back the functions perfectly."

Mr. Tilden presses a button that enables Robosapien to do a disco dance he had managed to teach the figure. "We think companionship robotics are going to be a very big thing in the near future," he predicts. "Let's face it, we want a personal robot friend with an 'off' switch. Because he has a visual apparatus, he's one of the very first robots with the ability to sit down with you and watch cartoons.

Apparently, Robosapien also pays attention to those cartoons. Mr. Tilden confides that the robot seems to like Marge Simpson's hairdo.

VOA News - New York Toy Fair Introduces 5,000 New Playthings


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