NUVO Robot Starts Trucking


The NUVO robot from ZMP has just gone on sale here in Japan. ZMP is the same group of designers responsible for the popular Pino robot. Pino was actually cute enough that he was featured as Hikaru Utada's lover in her "Can You Keep A Secret" music video. NUVO, on the other hand, looks more like it just escaped from an Otaku's wet dream. In some ways it's kind of interesting, though the small head/video camera gives it a definite Cyclops feeling.

Its major claims to fame seems to be that it walks, can get up by itself if it falls down, responds to voice commands, makes musical sounds, has a remote control, is programmed to do a dance, and has a built-in video camera that can send images to your cell phone.

Of course, there's another robot out there that walks, can get up by itself if it falls down (V2), has a remote control,  responds to voice commands and dance (Dance Machine project), makes musical sounds (burps and farts), and has been modified to include a video camera and transmit images....

The street price for NUVO? From $5,450 to $8,200 in Japan only.

The street price for the 'other' robot? Under $100 for V1 to an estimated $250 for V2 when it's released this Fall. Of course you would have to add a little extra in your budget  for things like the video cam and image transfer, and perhaps a couple of cans of red, yellow, or cobalt blue spray paint. . . Still, the total cost should be about 10% of NUVO's tag.


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