Spotlight On Technology – EXPO 2005 – Aichi, Japan

I haven't really started to get excited about the World Expo 2005 that's about to open in Aichi. I thought about attending, but then shelved the idea because I thought it would just turn out to be another over crowded, over hyped event with very little substance. Now, after reading some of the promotional material and seeing some of the television interviews, I'm beginning to change my mind. It may turn out to be a good investment in time and money to take the Shinkansen (bullet train) down to Nagoya and spend a couple of days taking in the Expo.

One program that really caught my interest was broadcast last Sunday night on Asahi TV. I want to go back and re-watch it several times before I come to any firm conclusions, but you can see from the screen shots from the television program below why I found it so fascinating, and why  I may just end up going to the EXPO:

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050306 34050306 35

050306 36050306 37


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