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 I ran across a cute parody website called the "Robosapien Foundation". The concept is that after you and I get tired of playing with our Robosapiens, they will be out of work and most of them will be homeless - ready to be turned out in the street to fend for themselves. There are some organizations to assist homeless humans, but what about the hapless Robosapien who, through no fault of his own, finds himself out in the cold with out the $5 it takes to replenish his batteries? The Robosapien Foundation tries to fill the gap by providing homeless Robosapiens with shelter, job placement, repairs, adoption, and batteries for up to 3 weeks...

050301 robosapien

About The Robosapien Foundation
Our Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that all walks of life are given the same chance; and in particular we are speaking of course about Robosapiens.  From the moment they are made, each and every one of them are special and unique.  They deserve a fair chance at life just like you and I.

Robosapien Foundation

Please Note: It's a parody site folks - and it's not my site. Nevertheless, the amount of time, effort, and skill that went into putting the Robosapien Foundation together is impressive. It also includes several striking videos.


One thought on “Robosapien Parody Website

  1. Poor, homeless robots! Let’s hope they don’t gang up on Aibos to steal their batteries… the Robosapiens Foundation can really make a difference!

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